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    Mr. Glen was hesitant to touch me at first. I was so young, he was so old—that kinda crap. But he allowed us to have movie nights together, and the more I cuddled against him, the more I watched the lump beneath his khakis swell into a delicious cucumber-shape. Finally one night I made the move. As he was getting up from the couch to get some drinks, I grabbed his crotch. “Please Daddy,” I said, as demurely as I could manage. “Show me some fun tonight.”

    He didn’t say anything. He simply dropped his pants right there and dug out the fiercest, most gorgeous cock my eyes had ever witnessed. I went to town on it, needless to say. It was almost an hour later (I was perched on top of his fur-lined, steely body, rocking my ripening rear against his juicy dick) that he finally said, “Be my baby, Tyler. Let me treat you like a real daddy.” I was so touched I almost orgasmed on the spot. Almost.

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